Knaresborough Comedy Festival 2017

Knaresborough Comedy Festival 2017

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The Knaresborough Comedy Festival is back and running from Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th July.

In the early days of 2016, the people that bring you the monthly Frazer Theatre Comedy Club looked at a calendar, saw that the Summer looked a bit boring and decided to bring the first ever Knaresborough Comedy Festival to town because… well, why not? Three days of the very best comedy around later, the festival was over, leaving only one question-“What next?” Picking up his calendar and scrolling forwards twelve months to July 2017, one person delivered the only sane answer- “Same again, but bigger!”

The result of the next twelve months is the Knaresborough Comedy Festival 2017! Three days, five shows and very simply the absolute cream of comedy, all in the settings of Knaresborough’s Frazer Theatre.
With stand-up of all shades, a panel show and even the world’s only live action video game, there’s something for everybody
Unless you don’t like comedy. In that case, there really isn’t. Sorry.

Tickets for the 8pm double bill shows are £10 each with The Dark Room and The Flannel Room at £8 each.
Multibuy ticket offers are available:

All Five Shows £35
All Three Double Bill Shows £23
Two Double Bill Shows £18

For more information and to buy tickets visit the comedy festival website
Tickets are also available from The Old Chemist Shop and by calling 07835 927965 (card payment will be taken over the phone).

The Festival Line Up is:

Dave Johns and Matt Forde
Thursday 13th July 8pm
A film star and a TV star on one bill! Dave Johns, a regular on the stand up circuit for many years, has found a new flush of fame with his starring role in Ken Loach’s “I, Daniel Blake”. Matt Forde, once a card-carrying member of the Labour party, is enjoying great success with his topical news show “Unspun with Matt Forde” on Dave. Together they form the opening night of the Knaresborough Comedy Festival 2017!

Rob Rouse and John Robertson
Friday 14th July 8pm
Your Friday night line-up at the Knaresborough Comedy Festival 2017 brings two wildly contrasting, but equally talented acts. Affable everyman Rob Rouse, a veteran of TV and live comedy, has most recently been seen in prime time BBC1 sitcom Upstart Crow, where he stars alongside David Mitchell. John Robertson, a true comedic force of nature, takes no prisoners with his uniquely dark and savagely witty show.

Simon Munnery and Alun Cochrane
Saturday 15th July 8pm
The closing night of the Knaresborough Comedy Festival 2017 features one of the top comics from the new generation rising to prominence and a certified comedy legend. Alun Cochrane, has appeared on many shows including Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Have I Got News For You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Simon Munnery is “The comedian’s comedian”-whenever a top act is asked for their influences, Simon is invariably one of those listed. An innovator of everything from Alan Parker-Urban Warrior, The League Against Tedium and even La Concepta, a restaurant with all the rigmarole of haute cuisine without the shame of eating, Simon is a fitting close to the funniest three days of summer!

Please note, due to a change in commitments, Matt Richardson will no longer be appearing at the Knaresborough Comedy Festival.

The Dark Room
Friday 14th July 10:30pm
dark room2
4,000,000 YouTube hits and counting… 250,000 audience members streaming online via Twitch… 3,000 screaming people in one theatre… over 200 live performances around the world…
“The Dark Room” is the world’s only live-action videogame. Interactive and insane, this is impro comedy + retro gaming fused into a deranged rock n’ roll game show. This is a live comedy the whole audience doesn’t just watch… it plays!
In August 2012, The Dark Room debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival.
Combining a screen, $5 of electronics, an innovative multimedia rig and John Robertson’s manic flair for improvisation and abuse, it was THE cult hit of the Fringe, creating an exhilarating, incredible world of fun, fear, nostalgia and terrible prizes.
Since 2012, the show has grown into a touring production that’s been staged in basements, 3,000 seat theatres, corporate events, gaming and sci-fi expos, Fringe and Comedy festivals and toured the UK, Europe, Australia and South-East Asia. In 2014, it was streamed on Twitch for a one-off special, garnering 250,000 players over a four-hour marathon show. It’s the annual entertainment for Australia’s EB Games Expo, (the largest gaming event in the Southern Hemisphere), filled its tent at MCM London Comic-Con, packed out London’s Udderbelly Southbank and is the floorshow for the 2016 UK Games Expo and Insomnia Gaming Festivals.
Supporters of The Dark Room include Perrier-winning comedian Brendon Burns, games industry legend Ian Livingstone, Mark Watson & creator of Invader Zim, Jhonen Vasquez.
No two shows are the same. No other show is the same. This is THE DARK ROOM!

The Flannel Show
Saturday 15th July 2pm
Flannel show2
Northern club biscuit Tom Taylor presents his unique alternative to a panel show in the form of a panel show.
Watch the Gentlemen battle it out with the Players in a contest where there are no Gentlemen and the Players are Simon Munnery, special guests…and a bear. Expect finely tuned nonsense and ‘should that sound like that’ silliness in the shape of shapes, talking, uppy downy talking (singing), other assorted sounds and a brief presentation on the Life and Times of Linda Barker. Rounds may or may not include: Hackety Hack, Draw Me Like One of Your Trench Girls and Domino’s Dominoes. 

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