Bob Fox with the Knaresborough Mummers

Bob Fox with the Knaresborough Mummers

Bob Fox and Knaresborough Mummers 02


On Friday 8th November, the Frazer Theatre welcomes The Knaresborough Mummers and Bob Fox.

Knaresborough Mummers are promoting this concert to celebrate the start of the 1974 era of Knaresborough Folk Club and their birth as a result! From their first performance of a traditional Mummers text, they have taken the basic theme of the battle between good and evil, death and resurrection, and adapted different plays to incorporate more modern themes and humour. They retain their local traditional Blue Stots play for the Christmas period. Raising money for local charities.

Bob Fox, first came to prominence in a duo with Tom McConville and then with Stu Luckley with their award winning album “Nowt so good’ll pass.” Since then he has performed successfully round the globe as a solo artist, in duos with Benny Graham and Billy Mitchell, and in excellent group formats like the Pitmen Poets and Radio Ballads revisited. Bob also featured as The Songman in Michael Morpurgo’s wonderful “Warhorse” at the National Theatre in London and in the touring production round the country.

The Knaresborough Mummers are selling tickets for this event directly. You can buy tickets from them by clicking Buy Tickets.

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